Things I do when I’m bored

Created all of these at Adobe Photoshop CS3

  1. mrydianne said: Kuya ang galing galing galing galing galing galing mo! Idol :D
  2. krpayong said: Skills baby
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  4. sarcasticsweetheart said: You got awesome skills!
  5. kurekarlo said: you’re really great! grabe! :)
  6. extraordinerie said: I first saw your works on multiply. You were rmbulseco by then, if I remember it correctly. Idol na kita noon pa lang! :D Kaya I was so thrilled when I discovered that themarinegeek of Tumblr = rmbulseco of Multiply!
  7. beetle-eyes said: You’re good at it. I really liked the House MD banner thingo you used to have. :) Oh and the Big Bang Theory one.
  8. pancit-anton said: the fourth one is my wallpaper. kewl!